Walkinghan Hill 100 Club

Supporting the Churches which make up the

United Benefice of Walkingham Hill

Annual Report December 2020                                                                    


What a year it’s been we have not been able to attend Church and not hold our regular fund raising social activities.

I am pleased to report that the 100 Club raised £4770 this year, slightly down on last year as we have lost some support. The money raised has been distributed to individual Churches according to the number of entries supporting that Church. As people join and leave at different times throughout the year the distribution is calculated each month based on the number of entries in the month.


As at the end of December there are 113entries from 79 Contributors.

Entries by Church; Arkendale  22;  Copgrove 8;   Farnham  4;  Scotton 10;  Staveley  69.


Income                                            Expenditure

Income                      £6850.00             Payments in Prizes                £2100.00

Donation to expenses   £20.00             Lotteries Licence                 £20.00

Total income             £6870.00            Total Expenditure                   £2120.00


The balance of £4,770.00. distributed to the Churches as follows:  

Arkendale   £979.05   Copgrove    £357.62        Farnham   £166.64

Scotton   £416.59      Staveley   £2850.11

(Staveley also received £180 from individuals donating their winnings to the Church)


There were 48 prizes distributed: Arkendale 11; Copgrove 3; Farnham 1; Scotton 4;  Staveley 29.


Draw results were published in the “Link” Magazine and can be viewed at www.walkinghamhill100.com


Please try to recruit your friends and neighbours to support your Church.

Application forms are available in Church or direct from me.



Each of the five PCC’s would like to thank you for your valued support.


Frank F. Shires

18th December 2020.